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Re: And now The Newsroom....

I also found the Maggie story underwhelming. I was expecting something really disturbing, something like a variation on the Lara Logan sexual assault incident. In contrast, the death of the kid just felt artificial and consequence-free. They introduced a character only to kill him off in the same episode, and they made him a child so it would be extra emotional. Sure, intellectually I can understand why Maggie reacts the way she does, but as a viewer I just feel like the show was trying to manipulate me.

Also, if Maggie really wants to be Mac's go-to person on Africa, she should probably know that Djibouti is a country and where it is. Sadly, I know very little about Africa, yet I still know where Djibouti is. (Though, admittedly, I couldn't locate Uganda on a map.)

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Still very enjoyable but I find it rather distracting how both the OWS protester and the shitty Romney PAO are written as very arrogant and self-righteous as means to make our characters look better.
Yeah, that's sadly a problem that Sorkin has, even back on The West Wing, but it's more noticeable on The Newsroom I find. I wish there were more characters like the gay Santorum spokesperson.

Also, I didn't like how the OWS woman commented upon Will's romantic situation as though she were some sort of psychic that knew all about Will's personality because of a brief slip in a conversation. That's not cute, it just dragged the Will/Mac mess into an episode that had been refreshingly free of it.

All that being said, I thought it was an improvement on the previous episode, though still not as good as the first two.
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