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Re: The Seekers: HBO-esque or Planet 'o Week

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Will there be any carry over from this shared TOS universe into the other TOS novels ?

I don't mean a tight continuity like the 24th century stuff, but the occasional 'nod' in say, one of Greg's books would be nice !
The tricky thing is, Seekers will be set between the 5-year mission and TMP, so there aren't going to be many TOS novels that could reference it. Although if I get to do more post-TMP novels someday, I might well work in some nods to it (or maybe we could even arrange some sort of crossover). I'm hopeful this might open the door for more post-TOS material.
Didn't they mention that it will go into the TMP era? This is from the pitch from Dayton's blog:

“Also, whereas Vanguard by design was intrinsically linked to the “canon” and even specific events and episodes of the original Star Trek, Seekers has for its playground the period following the original series (starting in 2269) as well as the largely untapped early movie era of 2270 and beyond.“
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