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Re: How do you feel about Torchwood Miracle Day

I will always prefer the original 2 series of Torchwood BY FAR to those disappointments of "serial series". Why they didn't just keep the successful formula of the first two series I don't know. Maybe just have CoE as a series finale. What really pisses me off about the last two series is we haven't really seen any aliens, which really is what the whoniverse is all about.

I don't like Miracle Day that much, but I prefer it to CoE, by far.

I wish they'd stop these appalling serial series. Just give us a damn regular one RTD! If they need to go American style, I'd recommend using the same format that Supernatural uses. An overarching storyline which some episodes will be all about, but also separate episodes with nothing to do with the arc and takes on separate cases or whatever. Also, we need more bloody aliens. We haven't really seen aliens in Torchwood since series 2.
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