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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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Whether destroyed or distant, the supposed other starships would have been equally unavailable.
Evidence for this?

We did see some antiquities in the Wolf 359 collection of ships; speculating that they were activated to compensate for the lack of active-service ships near Earth helps accommodate the oddball designs.
Huh? What antiquities? The oldest on-screen canonical ship type we see in the battle is the Saratoga, and even she's not all that old. Every other ship was either from the Galaxy family, an Ambassador, an Excelsior, an Oberth or a ship consisting of what might be parts from a Connie. With the possible exception of the last ship, all these classes are still in regular use in TNG.

But that interpretation seems unsupportable, as the fleet of forty was mentioned in the same breath with pleas for Klingon and even Romulan assistance. Forty'ish is all they could manage, and that was apparently with scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Ok, let's play devil's advocate and say that 40 ships was all Starfleet could spare at the time. If Starfleet considered the Borg to be such a huge threat, than this would imply that Starfleet didn't have all that many ships to begin with. But as we see in DS9, that isn't the case at all. Even if the majority of the DS9 fleets were made up of older ships that were reactivated, then why didn't Starfleet reactivate them for the Wolf 359 battle?

Sounds like a much "noisier" alternative, one less likely to go under the admittedly low-grade radar of the Zakdorn gatekeeper.
I would think that if the Zakdorn are so stupid as to not even realize the Tripoli had been replaced by an alien ship that constantly moved in and out of the depot simply by looking at a visual record, then tractoring the ship out of there wouldn't have been any different than piloting it out of there.
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