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Re: Post your TrekBBS "Blasts from the Past" here!

this is perhaps slightly off-topic but upon my return here after a 10 year absence I noticed that nobody seems to play "Trek me this" anymore. Back then it was one of the most popular games.

I sometimes regret I didn't keep one of my first posts here where Bedpan Elemental accused me of being a dual of Che, based on the fact that - and I quote! - my "English was too good for a foreigner". BE overlooked the fact that Che is a foreigner, too. He hails from Goa iirc
At that time I had just passed my Cambridge Proficiency Exam, one of the world's hardest tests which certifies that your grasp of the language equals that of a native speaker, hence Bedpan's error was quite a compliment, in a way
Alas, my English has somewhat declined since. Lack of practize *sigh*
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