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Re: Plot for a new Star Trek Series

I've made a few changes rather than setting it too far into the future maybe the year 2600 would be better.

Got some ideas on the crew but the character i'm most having difficulty with is the Captain... with the way tv and film is now a new trek series would need to involve a lot of action. My original thought would be to have the all american action hero as the Captain.

It would definately work for TV and Film but I think a lot of the older Trek fans would believe it to be too similar to Kirk and they wouldn't want a younger inexperienced captain again, even though my captain would have been very different to Kirk.

I've now decided that my Captain needs to have the integrity and experience of Picard but also needs to be a younger man... someone in their mid thirties. Someone fit and strong for any action scenes or fights required to do and good looking to also be a ladies man. I'm trying to think of an actor who could fit this role well so I have an image in my head of what this Captain would be like. He could also be British too.

Also some further ideas for the ship. It would be a Generation class Starship. One of the largest starships ever with a large crew quantity, but also sleek in design. Something along the lines of the Enterprise J which was seen in one of the episodes of Enterprise. This ship would hold families on board, have zoos and parks, and other entertainment and recreational places to go on board. The ship would have the most advanced computer which is basically a think tank of the most intellectual minds of the galaxy.
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