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Re: The Fight: worst episode ever?

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Agreed here...except for Twisted. I'm one if the few who like that episode.
I liked Twisted too.
Me too. So that makes 3!!!
Me too. Now it makes 4!
I like that the whole cast works together so well. There are so many nice little scenes
Kes/Neelix (looking for Kes`quartier)
Neelix/Chakotay (Neelix asking Chakotay about being jealous)
Chakotay/Tuvok (the old conflict between them. Unfortunately they didn`t show more about it)

As for "the Fight"- although I`m a Chakotayfan I don`t like this episode. It`s chaotic and unbelievably. Chakotay: peaceful man and boxing!!Bad idea!

Agree about the other episodes.
I also don`t like "Muse", "Prophecy", "Threshold", "11:59", "Think Tank", "The Bride Of Chaotica", "The Raven", "Fury", "Sacred Ground", "False Profits", "The Thaw", "Heroes & Demons"
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