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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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I believe I recall Roddenberry making "no Connies" an edict in early TNG, just as he decided the main ensemble should not include a Vulcan.
I remember reading someing ages ago about the early development of TNG, which did include a female Vulcan in the cast as a descendant of Spock--as a direct link between TOS abnd TNG. It didn't get much further through the development, though I'm sure there was a possible actress they had in mind for the role.

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And in the Dominion war battles we didn't see any Sovereign class starships either.
We have no evidence there are more than two Sovereign's built (the Sovereign itself and the E-E). Both of which could have been assigned the duties of several other ships needed on the frontlines (such as how in Insurrection the E-E was really more of a status symbol, carrying out lots of other missions away from the fighting).
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