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Re: Now that we know the new Doctor...what´s going to change?

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I'm still curious as to whether Clara has seen 12's face before or not. Theorectically she should have seen all his incarnations in his timestream, but she does very specifically mention 11 faces when faced by Hurt.
I don't think so. The quote was, as you say, "I've seen all of you. Eleven faces, all of them you." If she had seen more than 11 she definitely would've said so. Though I think you're right in that she SHOULD'VE seen them all. But the end of that episode was so rushed methinks Moffat didn't think that part through.
Wow...I can totally see this scene! And I can actually see her trying to "mama" him and boss him around going..."I know you almost as long as you know yourself so do what I say!"...with all the beeing in his timestream and stuff
Not sure I want to see THAT specifically. If he was lollygagging in his wardrobe she would probably just take over and tell him what to wear, but I don't know about mothering him. The only scenario I can see that happening is if the regeneration goes wrong like it did for 9--->10.
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