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Implications of "lifetime within hours" tech

In at least a couple of Trek episodes, we are introduced to tech that allows one to experience pretty much a lifetime of experience within minutes or hours!

The episodes, of course, are:
The Inner Light (TNG)
Hard Time (DS9)

There may be others that I missed.

Anyway, it seems that if a civilization could develop such tech, it would have profound implications. I mean, in a normal human lifespan, such tech could allow one to experience thousands of lifetimes! If you were in your office, or whatever, instead of taking a lunch break, you could take a "lifetime" break and experience this whole other life before you returned to your work!

Or if you're unhappy with your real life, you could just escape into this alternate fake life and keep doing this over and over again instead of living real life. Or if you are dying in a few months, why not use this type of tech to essentially prolong your life?

Now people will say well its no different than living a "holodeck" fake life. But I think its profoundly different. I don't think the existing Federation holodeck tech could have allowed Picard to experience a full timetime in 25 minutes.

What do others think?

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