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Re: Do you like the idea of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?

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^ there's no scientific way of measuring it but I'm looking at the fact that Capaldi has 30+ years in the business, an Oscar and acclaim for TTOI and In the Loop. Davison was still a young man and I would hazard not as well known outside the UK.
Except for those of us who saw him on All Creatures Great And Small on PBS and since Doctor Who only ran on PBS at the time I'm sure there were plenty of crossover viewers.
Well, like I say, it's not scientific but I do still tend to think that Capaldi's 30+ years in the business, having done films, TV series and one-offs, stage plays, having won an Oscar etc outweighs one TV show. I'm not saying Davison was an unknown by any means - even as 9 year old I recognised him from ACGAS. I just think Capaldi is more famous. But there's no way to say for sure.
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