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Re: Speculation about stuff in latest Typhon Pact novel SPOILERS WITHI

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Snape kills Dumbledore!
Wait, what? I'm guessing you posted this as an example of "spoilers everyone should know by now", but I guess I'll be "that" person and say this *is* actually a spoiler for me. I guess I should get going and watch those last three movies...

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Odo wouldn't have much pull to get a lift by slipstream imho. The equipped ships are few and far between, and are probably pretty fully occupied.
He's Head of State of a power you have an extremely tenuous peace with. I think I could spare a starship to send him home.

Now that he's stuck in the Alpha Quadrant. What would keep more volatile elements from taking control of the Dominion in his absence?
Yeah, this. I know they want him stuck in the Alpha Quadrant because plot, but seriously, the Federation would be stupid *not* to dispatch a QSD ship to send him home ASAP.
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