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Shouldn't this be Nu-Nu Trek? Also shouldn't Wesley be 20 as well, since this is Nu-NuTrek it doesn't have to make sense anymore.

It's still just NuTrek, because it is still in the Abrams created NuTrek universe, just 100 years in the future. So it is NuTrek: The Next Generation.

And I thought about making Wesley a 20 year old too, but after not discussing it with a group of experts and not using data collected by an imaginary focus group. I, as the pretend Executive Producer of this theoretical film decided that having a main character in the key 6 to 12 year old demographic we could sell more toys and lunch boxes if there was a character in the movie in their age group. (Although this film is rated PG-13)

Also, as little sense as a NuTrek movie is supposed to make, having a 20-ish year old character as the mother of another 20-ish year old character would be pushing the stupidity to B movie levels. This is still Star Trek after all, there must be some minimum level of believability that has to be maintained.

Also, also, If Beverly Crusher was 14 or 16 when she had Wesley, then Star Trek, or at least NuTrek, could at least mention in passing the issue of teenage pregnancy.
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