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Because this is nuTrek it doesn't have to make sense anymore. If you can't take it, you goddamn Trekkie, crawl back into your parents basement where you belong.
Is this really necessary?

Why not? I'm just paraphrasing what has been said by J.J. fans to anyone who dares criticize the last two Star Trek movies, in this very forum.

Star Trek has changed and clearly only basement dwelling losers care about story structure, plot logic, character development, social commentary, and the presentation of original ideas.

Anyone who can't turn their brain off and just shovel popcorn in their mouths while they watch retreads of previous stories and characters and "kewl esplosions", doesn't "get" Star Trek anymore. Or can't "grasp [J.J. Abrams] concept". Or at least that's the perception around here.

Also I should point out that it was a swipe at my self. In an earlier thread either on this board or another one, I raised a few criticisms about Into Darkness. And another poster responded essentially that continuity, plausible science, and stories that make sense have no place in Star Trek anymore. And anyone who thinks otherwise, or dares criticizes a J.J. Star Trek movie are parents basement dwellers. Not that I am, nor anyone else who would like Star Trek to be smart again are either.

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