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Would you rather take part in the oldies jam-session in "The Way To Eden", or fill in a spot for Vic Fontaine's band?
"There's a mile wide emptiness between you an me!" I can remember any opportunities for a cool lead in Vic's band.

Since we're on music, would you rather play Picard's wee flute or Spock's electro-acoustic harp?
Spock's harp, because I have a thing for foreign instruments, stringed instruments and Vulcans.

Multiple choice mayhem!
Would you rather spend a month stranded on a desert planet with Spock, Data, Tuvok, or the EMH?
"Risk is our business. That's what the starship is all about. That's why we're aboard her." -Capt. Kirk, U.S.S. Enterprise. "He's dead, Jim!" -Dr. "Bones" McCoy
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