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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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Yeah, unfortunately there are so many gaffes within the film itself that it's hard to have a well-founded discussion about it because so much comes down to information we're not given but realistically should have been.

it's ironic since the film obviously wanted a simple "black and white" scenario for a lighter and smaller-scale movie that the premise was so messed up.

All they had to do was change the premise to something like wanting to remove the Baku for a different reason, like to use the planet as a base for the war or something and NOT have the stakes be " medical treatment for billions".
Yeppers. When you make the stake: 600 people (non native) having to move to save billions dying in a war, most people are going to side with billions. They made the number to high to even question, even the high thousands would make most people go "Hmm, yeah, I think the 600 need to move". It was the wrong plot device by a long shot.
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