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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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We've seen so many times in Trek, even in TOS, when they need to access something, they take off a plate that hides all the stuff. If there's nothing to repair, everything is clean and tidy, automated, etc... I also wonder why the nuTransporter Room is clean and tidied up when underneath your atoms and molecules are scrambled, buffered and sent thousands of kilometers through space. That's a giant machine that needs particle acceleration, magnetic fields, cooling, and exotic technobabble. Why can that be hidden cleanly, but engineering is such a mess?
Look up SUBSAFE (there might be a space between the SUB and the SAFE). The US Navy found out the hard way that putting panels over critical engineering infrastructure is very bad when you need to get to it quickly in a crisis. And given how little people use transporters in nuTrek, it seems pretty clear that the transporter ranks lower in priority for quick access to the mechanical guts than the stuff that runs the ship.

nuTrek looks dated (and will even more in the future), and inconsistent. They have manual valves everywhere, but when Scotty gets trapped inside the pipes, Kirk uses a touch screen to release him. Another moment that made me shake my head was when they enter that remote Delta Vega outpost and there's flickering neon tubes and TFT displays. Those will look as dated as the CRT displays in 2001 or Alien in ten years, when affordable OLEDs hit us.
Of course it's going to look dated, it's one time period's idea of what the future will be like. That's like saying TNG-era Trek is dated for making everyone use LCARS-like displays. At least the pipe touchscreen made sense considering the location of the pipe and what it's function was.

As for the valves, I was just happy that Starfleet finally had decent manual backups.
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