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Asbo Zaprudder wrote: View Post
The Gaia and Eya stuff that Locutus speculated about sounds a bit like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. I also expect that rescuing a dying Gaia will be JC's overall theme. I'm also wondering if it will turn out that life on Pandora and Earth was seeded from elsewhere -- the field line-like structures on Pandora struck me as possibly being being artificial in origin.
When I was thinking of ideas for things they'll never do, I was gonna suggest that Cameron should go really meta and have the translucent bioluminescent aliens who manipulate their environment from The Abyss be the creators of both the world minds on Earth and Pandora and the crafters of some of the more extraordinary things on Pandora, like the magnetic fields which levitate mountains and so forth.

They were originally checking up on Earth's progress in the late 1980s, but decided to leave us to our own devices after the reveal of their presence nearly caused a nuclear war. Unfortunately, this caused the destruction or hibernation of Gaia, which was already in a state of decline due to industrialization. In turn, it was this reveal which caused the humans to develop interstellar spacecraft in the first place, though it took more than a century to perfect.

While it's just in the broadstrokes, there's some commonality between the Abyss aliens and some lifeforms on Pandora or the world itself. The translucence, the bioluminescence, the physics defying control of the environment, the lack of mouths indicating telepathy as a form of communication, etc. Pandora was just a more extreme case of environmental manipulation than Earth was. And since Cameron said the next film would likely explore the oceans of Pandora, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to show them down there observing their other experimental planet.

Of course, it'll never happen, but it's fun to think about.

Gaith wrote: View Post
Some interesting ideas there, Locutus. I wonder if Jake's human body is being preserved in some kind of bio-stasis in case it's ever needed again...
Yeah, it's all wrapped up in those glowing white cyberpunk roots of Grandmother Willow, so who knows whether that turns you into compost or if there's some huge body farm group mind that preserves you underneath the tree much like the Matrix towers?

Sindatur wrote: View Post
Speaking of which, doesn't that kinda put a dampener on him getting Neytiri pregnant?
She was already pregnant in the unscreened epilogue for the first movie while Jake was still a Blue Meanie. It's unfinished and only done in rough CGI, so it's up to you in the audience if you want to count it or not. I figure that regardless, Jake and Neytiri having kids through their weird mindlink sex braids is probably going to happen in the next film anyway.

As far as Jake getting his body back in my speculation, if he does, it wouldn't be until the last film anyway when he heads back to Earth, so there's plenty of time for hair sex in between.
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