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Re: Now that we know the new Doctor...what´s going to change?

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I really hope he's like Eccleston's Doctor. Maybe even a little darker.
I don't understand this? Smith was far darker than Tennant or Eccelston. Col. Runaway, no second chances, took great glee in not rescuing Mr. Filch in DoaS. When did Eccelston or Tennant do anything like?
Hmm, let's see:

Letting Cassandra overstretch with the statement "Everything dies in its time" in 'The End of the World'.

Allowing the Gelth access to human corpses in 'The Unquiet Dead' was pretty dark. So was knowingly letting Gwyneth sacrifice herself to close the rift.

The whole point of 'Father's Day' was about the need to let die that which should die.

The Doctor was quite happy to transport 'Margaret' back to Raxicorico Fallipatorius to be executed. She tries to play to his better nature that he's executing her personally, and he's happy with that. It was the TARDIS that had other ideas.

And on regeneration... "No Second Chances. I'm that sort of man."

I'd say that was a pretty dark approach to being the Doctor.
The things he did at the end of Family Of Blood were a bit dark as well.
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