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Re: Trek Kindle eBook "Update"

What you will find, if you haven't already, is that Jon has had an axe to grind with Amazon and their Kindle for as far back as you care to look. Logic never seems to have any place in his arguments. He just tries to interject his perceived issues onto the whole of the entire ereading community. The main things, actually, the only things to take away from Jon's anti-Amazon rants are, Jon doesn't like Amazon. Jon doesn't like any Kindle reader. Jon feels that everything that is important to HIS reading experience, must be important to every single user of ereaders on the face of the planet, therefore he speaks for everyone as if his opinions are facts, rather than just his opinions.

Jon is pretty much squarely in the Sony ereader camp and anything made by anyone else is, at best, barely acceptable, and they go downhill quickly from there.

You can find his rants archived back for several years here and on If you've read one, you've read them all. They're sort of like Gilligan's Island reruns. They go on forever and ever and they're almost as silly.

- Byron
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