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Re: And now The Newsroom....

Yeah, what happened to Maggie didn't seem to "live up" to what I think we were being "sold." I would've expected to her to witness some true horrors. I mean, sure, the little kid she read the book to a few dozen times got killed but really from the way she was acting and what was being implied on what happened to her over there I half-expected her to have had a horrendous time with her own life in danger.

Will's treatment of the OWS girl was harsh but I think it was more a commentary on how "lost" the OWS movement was in NOT having a unified message or plan. It was just a microcosm of the entire OWS movement which, at its core, had good intentions it just wasn't unified or nearly organized enough to get that message across.

I'm already beyond bored with the Genoa thing, and it's going to last the whole season, isn't it?

And, really, Jim's lucky to still have a job after passing on an interview with Romney. How utterly stupid of him to pass it over for a chance at some mediocre tail.

The show still really is, I feel, lacking in the broadcast segments with Will, really, smacking down someone he's interviewing to make a broad commentary on some event of the time or as said up thread the moments where the show came together during a sudden crisis event in the news. I keep expecting that to happen when we get the exact date card on-screen but nothing ever happens.

I know last season got a lot of flack for ACN/Newsnight's power of hindsight to "report things right" but I sort of liked because it, to me, felt like it was done in a way to show that the media COULD do these things right if they weren't so quick to want to break news. (Like on reporting/not-reporting Gabby Gifford's "death.")

Sloane has been great but I think her co-workers are going quickly learn to not use her as a wingman when they need to make a confrontation with someone and need her for the "bad cop."

The OWS chick, yeah, was way full of her self and pretty much represented man of the problems with the OWS movement but, sheesh, this chick is just up her own ass.

And, again, I'm beyond tired of the Genoa thing. This season really should be focusing on the farce of the 2012 election which they can still get to, I know, and it's "early" yet but this Genoa thing is dominating too much. Which would be fine if we didn't already know how it's going to go thanks to the flashback style of story-telling they're doing.
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