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Re: The Seekers: HBO-esque or Planet 'o Week

From the series bible for Star Trek: Seekers

Unlike the Star Trek Vanguard saga, Seekers is not intended to be a sweeping, serialized tale. Most books would be “stand-alone” tales within the shared continuity, though the premise will allow for occasional “team-up” or multi-book adventures….

Neither will Seekers emulate Vanguard’s “dark and gritty” vision of the Star Trek universe. … Seekers will present tales of exploration that capture the wonder and whimsy, the humor and adventure of the original series, while also staying true to its optimism and ethics.

In short, if Vanguard represents the dark chapter of TOS history, Seekers will be the return of the light, the revival of hope, the fulfillment of the Federation’s promise on its frontier.
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If they're the kind of stories that could just as easily be told in TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY or ENT then this new series is a waste. It has to have something unique.
Thanks for the vote of confidence.
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