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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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You all continue to ignore the fact that Jellico had everyone walking on eggshells around him. Creating an atmosphere of confusion and fear, while you keep the people you work with in the dark is not being an effective leader.
Speak for yourself. I'm not ignoring that at all. Jellico was wrong to put everyone on edge, but Riker was wrong to disobey him. Two wrongs don't make a right. Both guys needed to check their egos at the door and find a way to work together: Jellico because he was new and hadn't commanded Enterprise before, and Riker because he was first officer and the rest of the crew followed his lead when it came to taking orders from their captain, be it Picard, Jellico, or otherwise.

Jellico shouldn't have assumed that the crew would immediately fall into step behind him just because he was their captain (even though the rulebook says they should have). They were used to Picard's style; Jellico was more of a micro-manager and didn't allow his subordinates the freedom they had under their previous CO. He would have been better served explaining the reasoning behind what he was doing. The crew may have been more willing to follow him if they knew where they were being led.

At the same time, if Riker had behaved differently when Geordi and others whined about Jellico's duty-roster changes, things would have gone much more smoothly. Instead, he encouraged dissent by grumbling about Jellico himself rather than finding a way to work with him. Worse, he came perilously close to undermining Jellico's authority by going to Picard with a list of complaints. It was only after seeing how tired Picard was that Riker decided not to pursue the matter.

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