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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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You all continue to ignore the fact that Jellico had everyone walking on eggshells around him. Creating an atmosphere of confusion and fear, while you keep the people you work with in the dark is not being an effective leader.

And it cost Captain Bossypants an effective asset in Riker. It also removed half the purpose of an XO is promoting an emotionless android to the position of First Officer. Data would be awesome in 'Making it So'. He would be nigh useless in 'feeling out the crew'....Hell he still had problems with GD metaphors at that point.*

*I'm not saying Data would be a useless XO, but it would definitely require some kind of restructuring of what Riker brought to the table.
The point of military combat readiness it to train, and train hard. Picard's crew needed shaking up and needed it fast. War was close to inevitable at that point.

Every military combat person knows that Chain of Command is important. It makes different soldiers from different backgrounds work together as a single unit [Unit Cohesion]. The Enterprise crew could learn a few lessons from real combat military crews.

I like the way Captain Jellico handled Troi's uniform issue. He asked if her rank was honorary, then told her to dress like the rank she held. It is still one of my favorite scenes from TNG.
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