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The Seekers: HBO-esque or Planet 'o Week

I know, I know, probably the Forward for the new Seeker series hasn't even been written yet, but I wonder if since Vanguard (as I've said is prolly the best thing ever to come to Trek Lit) was HBO-esque, I wonder if the author(s) will shift gears and make more Planet of the Week type books with the reset button at the end.

Personally, I'm hoping for the HBO-esque type series, as I tend to grow weary of the Planet 'o Week type stories with the re-sent button at the end.

Besides, Vanguard, the only things that I've felt Trek Lit has been spot-on with is the Typhon Pact series, Destiny Trilogy, the Lost Era books, and the DRGIII Spock-McCoy-Kirk trilogy. The rest as of late are hit or miss, with a lot of misses (and I say that of books over the past 10 years, but I digress).

At any rate, what is your preference for Seekers being more HBO-type or Planet of the Week.....and ain't saying ALL Planet of the Week type books sux, but I think they are a lot harder to pull off these days.

Your thoughts???
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