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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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A) it was Wesley
B) the situation isn't really comparable because it was to prevent a war and not to score a luxury resource
C) meeting Kirk, fighting the Borg against orders and fighting the Dominion surely changed his point of view.
Heck, the events of that very episode might have changed his opinion.

Wesley is the hero of that episode, not Picard.
A resource that could cure billions suffering from a war is not a luxury resource. And it's certainly not something you put the sentiment and feelings of 600 over.
Again, the film does not state the radiation won't be used. The only thing the film shows is that the Ba'ku are not killed because of greed.

The Federation can get all those wounded to the other side of the planet for shore leave.
Or better yet study the radiation to figure out how to make it themselves I mean the federation did used to have the technology to make planets.

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2) You think the space-hippies would put up with that if they found out?
Well seeing as they were never asked about the possibility we don't know.
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