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Re: VOY Caption Contest 111; under pressure...

Tom: Uh, please be careful with that.
B'Elanna: Careful with what?

Alien: I have a feeling that I'm not on Kan-Sas anymore.
Janeway: I don't know why, but I have the feeling that you're supposed to have a dog.
Chakotay: Perhaps our newcomer has a dog as an animal guide.
Tom: Seriously?

Tom: Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Hogan: Captain, sometimes you make me sick. Jonas, help me out here.
Jonas: I think we've found our traitor, Captain. Oh wait --- was there a traitor? No, nevermind, you didn't hear that.
Janeway: Give me coffee and we'll call it good.

Janeway (aside): Don't tell anyone these are laced with narcotics.
Alien: Your secret is safe with me, Captain.
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