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Re: Now that we know the new Doctor...what´s going to change?

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He should dress like a young Hipster to overcompensate for the fact that he looks older.
LOL, yea, dress him in a Hoodie have him wear his pants below his underwear
Maybe at least for one scene. He should have an 80s-style changing room montage where he tries on lots of outfits and has Clara shaking her head "No" several times until he finds an outfit that works.
Depends on how they play it though. Tom Baker's clothes changing scene was silly and eyeroll-worthy to me. I know it was meant to be funny and have 70's kids laugh, but it was cheesy.

And anyway, Clara is totally the type to pick his clothes FOR him.

"Doctor, wear this. Shut up and trust me."
"Have you always been this bossy?"
"Yes. It's one of the things you love about me."
"Yes. Now put this on. Off you go."
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