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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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It would've been interesting to see how people reacted had the situation been reversed. That the ugly people were trying to defend their homes from the pretty white people.

have you seen Redlettermedia or TVtropes' take on INS?

They bring up the fact that Picard reverses his position from "journey's end," and they point out that the writing and juxtaposition of the two makes it look(rather unfortunately for the character) like Picard did so because in THAT case it was non-Whites being removed, whereas in THIS case it was Whites being removed.

And of course in "journey's end" there was no hot White woman for Picard to rescue.
Even SFDebris brings up the whole white people thing (he goes even further, calling them elves). He doesn't bring up the race issue with the relocation, but does call out Picard's hypocrisy regarding the Maquis though.
Don't forget that Picard's actions, hormones and maybe even his judgement are all being affected from being on the planet. He might have reacted differently if it wasn't for that. Data even comments in the film about "certain rebellious instincts common to youth" may come out. Worf's "aggressive tendancies" for instance. None of the crew are really 100% themselves in this movie because of the metaphasic radiation.
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