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Re: OT: Grammar Cops Unite!

My two credits:

1. I'm from a small town in Tennesse. My dad occasionally sounds like a character from Deliverance. That doesn't mean he's constantly using poor grammar or saying "y'all" every two words. I don't mind when people "write in" a southern accent, as long as it's done respectfully.
2. Sgt._G: TIMELINES was incredible. If someone wants to think you were being "racist" or "perpetuating" a "stereotype", let 'em. From the description of the character you gave us, The only "perpetuated stereotype" was of physically large Commanders. I'm very sad now that I know that we're all missing out on more of your work. As for the rear end who sent you the e-mails: He can go eat an unripe persimmon. We all know that you weren't trying to be racist. Besides, isn't the point of Star Trek diversity and unity in spite of differences anyway? That's why I always liked it.
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