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Re: OT: Grammar Cops Unite!

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Just toss in a few simple words with the accent and leave the rest spelled correctly, please. We'll get the gist that Scotty has a broage accent.
The word is "brogue."
Sigh. The spell-checker demon strikes again.

So change the character's last name and finish the story.
I've been thinking about doing just that.

Right now, I need to be working on something that will, in all likelihood, be published later this year or early next year. I created deck plans for a ship from Star Fleet Battles, and ADB intends on using it in the upcoming Prime Directive: Traveller RPG rulebook (co-venture with Mongoose Publishing) and/or in a supplement book for the game. I have the deck plans done, and now I need to write the descriptive text to go along with the imagery.

Work first, then play.
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