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Re: And now The Newsroom....

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Still very enjoyable but I find it rather distracting how both the OWS protester and the shitty Romney PAO are written as very arrogant and self-righteous as means to make our characters look better. And as someone who works in public affairs, I wanted to scream at the Romney PAO for how she treated Jim and company.
My biggest eye roll moment was when the Neil's OWS friend gave them the info they needed on Genoa. It reminded me of in the pilot when everyone's sister or best friend or whatever had an in on the oil spill story.
They took two moments like that in the episode but self acknowledged them so well I enjoyed the joke.

First was how they are in the hall and one says " we're going to have to have the info just fall in our laps" a second before the OWS girl turns and blurts. The second was when the hotel clerk says "I only have one room open" and the vasser reporter girl says "Who didn't see that plot twist coming".
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