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Re: Time Warner pulls CBS station signals, L.A., NYC

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I am very unhappy with the situation. As it goes now, my TW bill is the single most expensive bill I have. To even have to face the idea of a major station being dropped is ludicrous. These bastards need to work it out, quietly and quickly without causing any problems or price increases for the consumers.
I agree. This whole situation is bullshit. I've noticed they offer Starz while all this goes on. Whoopdie-fucking-doo I didn't get Starz when I got my cable package because I DIDN'T WANT STARZ. I WANTED MY GODDAMN SHOWTIME.

Time Warner is also one of my highest bills at the moment, due to lack of competition here (I like to call it the buttcrack of the South, but that's harsh toward buttcracks), so I'm pretty much forced to go to Dish.
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