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Re: Most Powerful Military Powers in Star Trek

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Trying to create countermeasures against the borg is like a 19th century military trying to create countermeasures to modern weapons.
Is that so? Voyager seemed to do okay devising countermeasures.

Edit_XYZ wrote:
The breen were complimented on their martial skills throughout the war - Martok, breaking the federation line at Chin'toka, Weyoun, the female changing (talking to Weyoun in the finale), Nog (during the fight in the finale), etc.
Incorrect. They were praised for their skills for as long as they participated in the war. They weren't present for the majority of the conflict, only for the months leading up to its conclusion.

Edit_XYZ wrote:
And, as I already observed, the breen dampening better is far better than any weapon the federation created. Indeed, the federation not only was slow to adapt to the enemy weapons, it failed to create weapons of similar effectivity (both before and throughout the war).
There would not have been a need for the Federation to have such a weapon before the war, so I don't know why you're including that in your argument. In any case, how do you define slow? The Federation didn't realize the Breen had the weapon until the Defiant was destroyed.

Kira was able to procure a Jem'Hadar vessel equipped with a weapon within weeks of the incident. In doing so, she showed far more resourcefulness and creativity than the Breen did in dealing with the Federation. Why didn't the Breen use a similar tactic to design an improved weapon that would affect Klingon ships? Were they that inept that they were unable to capture a BOP?

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