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Re: Poll: Which doctor would you want to work on you?

Plus he's got a cute fez. On occasion.

My vote would still go to Pulaski, who seemed by far the most competent of the lot, in terms of usually not having to seek for the answer from farther than her own publications. "VISOR bothering you? I could give you eyes, you know. No? Okay, forget it. ...I can make you forget, too, you know."

Out of the actually available choices, Bashir is fine. Sure, he's probably a bit too excited about me being ill, but that's better than bored (usually), and he's used to working with little equipment; if he were ever to treat me, it'd probably happen in the 21st century because he has better access to time machines, but his access to protoplasers, dermal regenerators and sterility fields might get limited by that.

Timo Saloniemi
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