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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
The Constitution Class Enterprise (i.e. NCC-1701-A) had the trademark of being "Kirk's ship", thus it's appearance in TNG at a time when we still had movies with the original Crew would have confused general audiences.
Darkwing wrote: View Post
I believe I recall Roddenberry making "no Connies" an edict in early TNG, just as he decided the main ensemble should not include a Vulcan.
And as I mentioned above, none of that is remotely true. And as for what Gene wanted, well, he wanted no Klingons either and yet we got them by episode 19.

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
And as for age and longevity of a single class type, hell, the Klingons have been using the same D-7/K'T'inga space frame type for over 300 years. A "nacelles-down" design, too, for that matter.
Well, we weren't supposed to see a K'T'Inga in ENT, as the 22nd century version of the Klingon ship was nixed by the producers. But hey, logic was never UPN's strong point.
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