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Re: Carol Marcus' British accent

I read somewhere that there was a deleted scene where she says she was raised in London. It's probably still in the novelization, if anyone's read it.

EDIT: He we go!

Still, there are major differences in the two versions of the character – most notably the addition of Eve’s English accent. In fact, Abrams was so concerned that the change would be a sticking point (Marcus had an American accent in the original series), he actually shot an expository scene where the character explains her own backstory – a scene that was eventually cut:

Alice Eve: There was one scene that we shot that didn’t
make it into the film. That was about me explaining why I had an English accent; my mother moved to England when my father stayed in San Francisco to run Starfleet. I think that JJ felt that plot point wasn’t necessary and that you didn’t question it beyond the first moment. I think that made sense and we had a certain license with the split timeline.
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