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Re: Now that we know the new Doctor...what´s going to change?

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I really hope he's like Eccleston's Doctor. Maybe even a little darker.
I don't understand this? Smith was far darker than Tennant or Eccelston. Col. Runaway, no second chances, took great glee in not rescuing Mr. Filch in DoaS. When did Eccelston or Tennant do anything like?
Smith was one of the lightest in a long time. Probably the lightest in the revived series.

Eccleston had a darker nature to him. Matt Smith was bubbly, jumpy, cheerful although could sometimes be a little negative. Eccleston was scarred from the time war, could be aggressive, and I just got the dark vibe from him. And I liked it.
But again, Smith was darker, even if he was also more bubbly. Eccelston didn't do anything as dark Smith. He was just more low key and reserved and serious all the time. You're confusing Darkness with a lack of bubbliness.

The guy who walks around with a guilt trip and isn't bubbly happy is less dark then the guy who bounces around like Tigger, but, is a Serial Killer. (Not saying Smith's Doctor is a Serial killer, just saying the Bubbliness doesn't take away the more dark actions)
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