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Re: Now that we know the new Doctor...what´s going to change?

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Eccleston had a darker nature to him. Matt Smith was bubbly, jumpy, cheerful although could sometimes be a little negative. Eccleston was scarred from the time war, could be aggressive, and I just got the dark vibe from him. And I liked it.
Agreed. Smith had some dark moments, but his general demeanor was generally much more light and playful.

Eccleston seemed to me to be the opposite. He could be light and playful at times, but was generally a pretty dark and serious guy.
Well, honestly, I'd call that character development. Eccleston's Doctor was fresh out of the Time War, battle-hardened and angry. Smith has had a lot more time to get over those events, so it makes sense for his demeanor to be a little lighter. What I think Smith did so well was remind you, when he needed to, that even though he's mostly healed from his experiences, the Doctor is still capable of doing bad things.
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