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Re: Justice League FLashpoint at comicon (+video clip)

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Never read teh Graphic Novel, and generally liked it, but I do have a few questions:

1) Since when is Aquaman's strength level (especially inland); at about the same level as Wonder Woman's? (IE He really seemed buffed up in the alternate timeline.)
Well, in the comics I think he's fought WW to a standstill before. Remember, this guy is swimming in pressures that would crush the most advanced submarine, physically he's really tough and strong. Not counting goofy superfriends era stuff, he's not just a lame guy who talks to fish, he's easily as strong as Wonder Woman. His design was weirdly buff looking in Flashpoint, but the idea that he's extremely physically powerful, even on land, was not a new idea, even before Flashpoint/the New 52.
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