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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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I'm pretty sure that's not what was needed, though I suppose the dialog is unclear enough that that's a possible interpretation...
From what I remember, they need whatever the end result of collecting the radiation would be to stay alive and be healed.

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Not quite...Dougherty indicates that in the Son'as' current state simply settling on the planet won't heal them...essentially they need a concentrated burst.

Not excusing some of their actions, just saying that the idea that they can simply settle on the planet and everything will be fine is contradicted earlier in the film.
They could have apologized and returned to the planet 100 or 50 years before the film. They could have also accepted the fact that they simply grow old and die, like any other living being in the universe. They didn't. Instead they chose to take it by force.
That's the biggest plot hole in the whole damn movie. How the hell did the Luddite Baku kick the Son'a off the planet in the first place? And why didn't the Son'a just move to another continent and build their own technologically advanced society to spite the Luddites? Hell, if the Son'a were competent, there wouldn't even be a movie.

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For that matter, why even bother moving the Baku, just hoover up the damn rings and give 'em the bird as you warp off.
The film is really confusing on that point. It seems like the Son'a don't want to kill the Baku, but Ru'afo is totally willing to do it and most of his crew don't seem to give a fuck, so that whole part only works if the Federation is involved.
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