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Re: Single-episode Blu-rays?!

I bought the sampler, "The Best Of Both Worlds" and "Redemption", along with the season sets.

It's actually a good thing for us. There is never a time when my wife is happy with a cliffhanger on DVD/Bluray. The first episode ends with a "To Be Continued" and it's immediately, "Put on the second part!" And quickly too - make sure to skip the "Last time on STAR TREK ______"

Now - all of that is not that easy to do with just season-enders on season sets. First you have to eject the disc with part one. Then put that away, grab the next season off the shelf, open it, find disc one, put it in the player, go through the menu hoopla and get to the second part of your two-parter. Then it's speed through the "Previously on..." stuff to get to the rest of the episode you're watching.

Having CBS edit these two episodes together is a good thing. It makes for a seamless viewing experience. I hope they do more.

As it turns out, whenever STAR TREK did a two parter, it almost always happens that the two episodes are on separate discs in the four-episode-to-a-disc format. So I'm happy they've done this. I look forward to "Time's Arrow" and "Descent" as well.

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