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In TNG, they hid that kind of stuff behind that "fusebox" panel in main engineering, or shoved it into the Jeffries tubes. The new movies keep with the "hide it" philosophy on the "user facing" parts of the ship, but not down in engineering. It seems like a reasonable compromise to me.

I like the hybrid mechanical look. Things that you would need quick and easy access to are there out in the open. Wish my mother-in-laws car air filter were someplace out in the open and easy to get at.
To me it makes it look more realistic and it also means a larger open area for action shots (Scotty stuck in the pipes for instance).

I think tons of plastic looking panelling is not going to cut it in 2013, in the 80's it may have looked futuristic but now it just looks cheap and nasty, I especially liked the new warp core used in Into Darkness (you know the scene I mean).

When I saw the engineering area I didn't automatically think brewery at all, it looked good to me and gave an excellent indication of the size of the NUEnterprise, same goes for the more realistic and fit for purpose shuttle bay.

In the original series I hated the tiny little shuttle bay and engineering which for a ship that was supposed to be going on a 5 year extended mission felt way too small, what was acceptable in the 70's/80's simply wont cut it in 2013.
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