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Re: As for the Master

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Jenna Coleman.
I'm not sure whether you're kidding, but if we're not going to have a female Doctor, a female Master might be in order? Especially if body thievery were required.
Actually, yeah, I was just kidding, but then after I posted it, I thought, "yeah, why the hell not?" One of your most hated foes with the face of one of your companions? That could be cool.

But, then, I think the nerds would throw a fit, "The Master is a MAN."

Even though, on screen it's been stated that Time Lords can switch genders.

"He can't just take on any face he wants!"

Even though, on screen it's been SHOWN Romana choosing her next look.

That's it, the campaign starts now: Jenna Coleman IS the Master.

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Jenna is fantastic as Clara, but, does she have the Acting range to be The Master?

Don't know. But, I wager she does. She's certainly not the worst actor to travel with the Doctor. For a story or two, I'm willing to give it a go.
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