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Re: Being a TOS fan back in the day...

I think I got into Star Trek around 1970 as a 5 year-old. It was in reruns then; I remember watching it around my lunch on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I remember asking for it, to watch it, as the weekends would approach.

I remember there was a local Buffalo station that began re-running TOS every weekday at 4pm around 1974. I rushed home that first day only to hear the telephone ring. It was my grandmother. God-bless her....she had been reading the TV Guide and saw that Trek was listed...and she called to tell me. If the weather was good we'd have a good picture, if it wasn't, I'd be watching Snow Trek......and loving it. Eventually I consumed everything TOS; the Blish books, the tech manual, the AMT offerings and Viewmaster.....even Spock Must Die!

I also remember my peers mocking my taste in entertainment. I had two friends that were closet fans. I remember pulling out the Blish books in school during reading period and being laughed at. It didn't bother me, TOS was far more intelligent and compelling than about 90% of anything else on at the time. - to me.

I remember my early teens years and being up at a summer camp as a staff member. One Saturday night the gang looked to head into town to see a movie. It was one of the Muppet movies from that period around 1981. NEVER AGAIN would I let anybody try to shame me for my love of TOS. Lol!

From about 78-84 I saw very little of my favorite all-time TV series. School and life in general kept me busy. One Wednesday night in 1984 I stumbled across TOS....The Tholian Web.....and believe me when I say this, it was like seeing some cherished, old friends once again after many years. I was hooked all over again.
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