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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x05 "The Bonding"

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Since you guys are talking about Insurrection, I always wonder why the enterprise crew didn't defend the people in "Ensigns of Command" from the aliens making them move from their homeland.
They were bound by treaty between the Federation and the Sheliak, according to which this planet belonged to the Sheliak. Since the planet was thought to be uninhabitable by humans, it probably didn't seem like a big deal to give it to the Sheliak in the treaty.

One can very reasonably argue that giving the presumed-uninhabited-but-later-discovered-to-be-very-slightly-inhabited planet to the Sheliak and forcibly relocating the colonists is not meaningfully different from giving such a planet over to medical mining and forcibly relocating the Ba'ku, and therefore that the heroes' behavior in TEOC is inconsistent with their behavior in INS. However, their behavior in INS is ludicrous, so I don't consider that to be a flaw in TEOC.
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