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Re: Now that we know the new Doctor...what´s going to change?

^^ I agree with you on the point about River... Wholeheartedly... However, I really enjoyed the fact that Doctor Who was reaching a new audience... The younger subset of fans... And maybe it's just because it gives me one more thing my teenagers and I have in common... But I also got a kick out of seeing kids out and about wearing Who shirts or hats...

I had my 25th highschool reunion this weekend and spent some time with my old best friend Ryan.. He and I were the Who-geeks in our class, and faced a certain amount of ridicule for it... This weekend we talked about taking a certain amount of pride in the fact that many of our old classmates were now fans of the show thanks to Doctors 9,10 and 11... Vindication, if you will...

The thing is, if there isn't a certain amount of retention among the tween-teen fans, there will be no fanbase to carry this into the distant future, I'm afraid...
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