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Re: Star Trek: The Seekers

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BTW, if anyone wants to see the covers that inspired this... and my "Blish: Remastered" book covers, you can catch 'em here:

Awesome work! Thanks for sharing it with us. I've been loving your faux Blish covers since they were pointed out to me a year or so ago. I also love the faux Bantam '70's "novel that never was" cover by Silverberg. Did you ever do the other titles in that series -- by Phil Dick, etc.?
A group of us did some 'speculative' covers for Trek adaptations of known sci-fi stories; in this thread in Fan Art, I did Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, as well as Fahrenheit 451 and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Congrats, MrArcas! You're the reason I'll be buying any Star Trek books next year .
Star Trek: Reanimated - it's more than just a cartoon!
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