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Re: Warp speed calculations in Excel

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There's a website with a working calculator. But even that's flawed. I checked Voyager's 75,000 LY to get home at their max cruising speed of 9.975 and it showed me a bit over 5 years. Maybe they knew Janeway would stop to inspect every spec of space dust in between here and there when they cited the 70 year number.

Well i go by the idea that yeah if the went warp 9+ they could have done it in years.....

But theres a diffrence to making that speed and maintaining it. Yeah the ship can ho 9.975 but only for a few minutes, longer and you risk tearing the ship apart or burning the engines out. Hence why warp 6 seems to be used alot. Maybe its the ideal speed to avoid damage and give the best fuel economy?
In the pilot of Voyager they made a point of saying "sustainable cruise velocity of Warp 9.975."
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