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Re: ENT: A Choice of Futures by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!

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It was very much a 'setting the scene' novel, but the political angle was the most interesting - I'd have liked a little more of it.
There will be a lot of politics in Book 2.
I'm very glad to hear it !

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My major gripe was that both of the 'ship' stories were resolved with a slightly heavy emphasis on the way forward being exploration and understanding. I'm not arguing against that - it's at the heart of Star Trek, but to have two stories making the same point seemed a bit much.
Well, that's what themes are for -- to unify the parts of a whole. Besides, it wouldn't have had as much impact on the Federation if they'd given conflicting messages.

Anyway, as I see it, they're not quite the same -- the Endeavour plot's resolution relies more on diplomacy, while the Pioneer one relies more on science and exploration. Although there is some overlap.
I can't argue with that. It's true !

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Speaking of Tucker, I, for one, am curious to see where his story goes from here. It's clear that he doesn't entirely like working for Section 31, but he also believes that their presence is a necessary evil in the current political climate. Based on where he ends up in the epilogue of To Brave the Storm, though, I wonder if something will eventually happen that causes him to change his mind and get out of the spy game.
I realise that Trips situation is already established so your hands are tied, but I just can't imagine him not contacting his family or at least his old friends from Enterprise who could be relied on to keep his secret, even if he was still under cover.

If he gets out of the spying game, it would be even more odd.

Anyway, thanks for the response Christopher. I'd also like to add that it was great to see Bryce Shumar and also to get a British Captain (rather than a French one ).

I loved the book and can't wait for the follow up !
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